Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's SMASHing!

(Sorry, couldn't resist that title)

Here's how my Smash book is coming along so far. I will add more as I go on, and I hope to add some prettiness, too. I just haven't gotten that far yet.

This section is for blog prompts I've collected around the interwebs. The pocket is for loose paper.

Some of my collected prompts.

And more prompts

This section is "serious" writing stuff - six essentials in a plot, simple novel outline, that kind of thing.

This section is for jotting down ideas I have for posts.

And THIS is my handy calendar section. There are three months here. And this is where to find the calendar.
See? I'm off to a good start here! I'm going to also use this to schedule out posts in advance, so I have more time for other things. While I love this, I'd rather not spend as much time at the computer, especially since summer is basically here and there are fun things to do.


  1. Very cool! I checked out the Smash book online yesterday...might be something I need to invest in...

    1. It is so worth it! And a hint - if you have a Michael's craft store near you, go in and sign up for their rewards card and give your email address. I did that and got an email saying my card was loaded with 20% off my entire purchase, sale items included. I got the journal (comes with a pen), strap, two packages of tabs, and the package of pockets for under $20, around $16 I guess. Target carries the line in store, also.

  2. what a 'smashing' end to the blogathon- and such a great tool!!! Thanks for the link to the calendar. Enjoy the planning and the summer!!!!!