Monday, May 14, 2012


Tonight, my first born baby girl has her 8th grade dance. Tomorrow, she leaves at the crack of dawn with her classmates to Washington DC. Next Monday is class night/graduation. This summer, she will be attending High School week at camp.

How is it possible for this much time to have passed? I don't feel old enough to be the parent of a high school student. Only four short years and she'll be getting ready for college!

I've never been the mom that cries because her child is growing up, but the thought of high school just blows my mind.

Do my parents still feel like this, too? Does that feeling ever go away? Or will I one day be holding my grandchild, thinking the same thoughts?


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  1. Augh, don't want to think about that feeling! But I don't think it ever goes least that's what my mom says!

  2. I've already attended 2 high school graduations with my first 2 daughters (24 & 22) and have a freshman daughter currently, but due to excessive bullying by the Asst. Principal, I pulled her out of school and am homeschooling her the rest of the year. For next year, she will be attending a virtual high school from home. In 3 years she will still have a graduation, just not at the local high school. I don't think it's ever easy... and I'm one of those moms who cries at the littlest thing that my kids accomplish. I'm a very emotional mother... thank goodness I didn't pass that along to my kids.

  3. oh your post made me cry (happy tears) because it reminded me of all the markers in my kids' life. I still am living through various markers and each one is as significant as the next (or the last).

    Wow!! That is what being a mom is all about - isn't it?

  4. My oldest daughter started middle school this year, and I cried. Something I did not do when she started Kindergarten like other moms. It just hit me how fast it's all going. ;-( We all have to remember to enjoy the moments. Hugs.