Thursday, May 17, 2012

The ABCs of me

I found this idea here. It's fairy straightforward - just list the alphabet and list things for each letter that describe me. Sounds fun!

A: American. Although my only siblings are not - I was an only child but my family hosted exchange students. We now have "family" all over the world!
B: Broccoli, beans, beads, boots, books
C: Christine is a family  name going back to the mid-1800s. I'm the only one now that uses it, although several of my relatives have the same middle name. So did my grandmother.
D: Daughter. I am one, I have two.
E: Emma's name came from the main character in a book I read in middle school.
F: Fair-skinned.
G: Ginger, genetics
H: Heat. I'd rather be too hot than too cold. Oppressive heat is no fun, but I can deal with it. When I get too cold, I can't warm up for anything. And I break out in hives (another h word!).
I: Ice cream is amazing. I love it so much.
J: Jewelry. I like it. I like unique pieces, and pieces that my husband or my child picks out for me are the very best.
K: Kids - When I was growing up, I never wanted to have kids. I wanted to adopt when I was older the age I am now, but I never dreamed of giving birth and being "mommy." Now I love it.
L: Learning, lemonade, lasagna
M: "Mama!" I hear this a hundred times a day (and I work outside the home!) but I love her excitement. Marketing - my college major
N: Nice - too nice sometimes. No - I need to say this more.
O: Orange tangerine Mio, orange flavored candy, oranges = good. Orange the color = not so good
P: Peppermint Mocha Coffeemate is my morning saver.
Q: Quiet. Yep, that's me. Mostly.
R: Redhead, reading
S: Sophie's names are family names as well, but on purpose. Emma's were family names by accident.
T: Tall, Toblerone
U: Understood. My husband gets me, and I treasure that. Not everyone does.
V: My first name is Virginia
W: Weight (losing), working (thankful I enjoy my job)
X: xanax - our dog needs it. Seriously.
Y: Young. Emma likes to point out I'm the youngest mom of her classmates. I don't mind though.
Z: Zzzs (never enough), zoo. My favorite zoo animal is the otter.


  1. I LOVED this!!! I especially loved A...C...E...S...and 'V' was a surprise...really great!

    It has been interesting in regards to the names- how some names I discover are family names- mine is absolutely NOT no where in the family tree except for me- so that makes me feel a bit unique- but I feel kind of 'left out' because my other siblings have names quite far up on the newest grandson was named William son did not realize that was a name which dates back on various branches of my family tree back to the 1700's (and maybe even further- have not gone back on certain branches yet)...interesting!

    I think I might steal this idea from you for one of my blogathon days

  2. thanks for giving me an idea for a blogathon post! :D
    I LOL'd at X. we have some things in common, but I envy you that you're a redhead! :) P sounds so good. I would love to try it!