Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do we need to get George Takai involved again??

I saw this news story today, about the high school that Emma will be attending next year. Yearbooks just came out, and there is something called a "Pride Page" in the back. One student shared his story with a friend, who wrote an article for the page and titled it "It's ok to be gay." The student, Zac Mitchell, says, "I didn't think it was a big deal to be who you are because that's what they always told you to be who you are in school."

Be who you are. It's okay to be different. You are accepted.
Great messages, right?

Apparently, many other parents in our town do not think so. The school is under fire, unjustifiably. And sadly, many are using religion to justify their horrible behaviour.

Side note: I do consider myself a Christian. I attend church. But I do NOT believe in threatening, bullying, or harming other people for any reason, and especially not using God as an excuse. This is NOT a post against religious beliefs, but what some people do in the name of those beliefs.

Social media is being used heavily in this fight. Two Facebook pages are mentioned in the article, an original page created by parents in protest of the yearbook paragraph, and another one in support of the student. I am happy to say that the supportive page, Take a Stand Against the Ignorance in Lenoir City, has now over a thousand supporters.

I am ashamed of our town for being so small-minded and angry. But I am also proud of our citizens who are standing up against their behaviour and support equal rights for all.


  1. I will probably come back to this post and add more tomorrow. I just reread and it feels like half of it is missing! But my brain is falling asleep and nothing else I add will be coherent. Consider this a preview I suppose :)

  2. I agree with you. We should never use god to excuse hate.