Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toddler tech

Technology has sure improved since Emma was little. I was impressed that she could work the VCR as a preschooler, but now Sophie easily works my iPhone! She knows where to find her apps, and she can even take photos all by herself.

Here are some of her favorite apps:

KidsPlayer, an app that plays video of popular PBS Kids shows

SuperWhy, her current favorite show. There are several SuperWhy apps; this one has four different games featuring each character.

Curious George at the Zoo, a learning game with different animals.

iTubeList I love this app for Sophie. I can add YouTube playlists to the app for her to watch, and can preview the videos first. It's so easy to search playlists, also. She has an Elmo list, an ABCs list, general toddler songs, a Pororo list, and a VeggieTales list. She LOVES to watch her videos.

She has other apps, too, but these are her favorites. I love them, too, because they give me a few extra minutes to finish getting ready for work, distract her when she's upset, and even give me time to finish a blog post!


  1. Thanks for sharing these. I'll have to pass them onto my daughter (she wants to watch what her 12 & 10 year old sisters are watching, but I want her not to grow up too fast!).

  2. My 2yr old son LOVES playing with the iPad and iPhone. He's actually taught me a few things on the iphone. But, he's been a bit slow in the language development so we used a few apps on the ipad to help him. I don't know the exact names of either of them (my husband is the one responsible for techno-gadgets) but one of them was sign language videos and another one was flash cards. They've both helped TREMENDOUSLY in his language development - he's getting re-evaluated soon for speech therapy and he is not going to qualify!

    1. Sophie has a flash cards app that she enjoys also. She actually has about a dozen apps on my phone! (That's not excessive, right?) SuperWhy seems to have helped her with her letters more than the others, although it might just be normal development, too. I'm glad you're seeing such an improvement!

  3. Visiting from the Blogathon. I don't have children. I look after other people's kids. It's nice to only watch kid TV in small doses.

  4. Hey there - visiting from the Blogathon (thanks for visiting me, too!) I have a 6-year-old daughter and always looking for new apps to keep her busy when we have to wait (in line, at the doctor's office, etc.) especially if they are educational! Thanks!

  5. oh my goodness- my granddaughter Kailynn knows how to maneuver my IPAD and find her 'apps' on there- she loves this mickey mouse one and a curious george one that was free. The thing that amazed me is that she could work on the curious george one far better than me- I would mess up and she would say, "No Gamms..." and then proceed to show me how it was done!!!!! Are we breeding smarter kids????