Saturday, May 19, 2012

A car ride

I buckle her in her car seat.
"Tiss! Hutt!" (Kiss, hug. She cannot say the hard c sound yet, or g sound apparently)
"Bye-bye, have fun!"

I get in the driver's seat and buckle my own seat belt. Off we go.

"Mama, bus! Bus, mama! Mama, bus! Bus! Mama bus!!" (every large vehicle -semi, cement truck, city truck, RV, actual bus we see)

"Attoo! (tractor) Attoo Mama! Mama attoo! Mama! Attoo!" (tractors, bulldozers, lawn mowers)

"Burr! (bird) Mama, burr! Mama! Burr!" (this happens several times as there are many birds out this time of year)

"ABCs! ABCs Mama!" (every sign or lettering on trucks we see)

"Boons! (balloons) Boons! Boons Mama!" (a car dealership we pass often has balloons on the vehicles)

"Hows! (cows) Hows moo! Mama, hows!" (we pass a few farms each morning)

"Teen! (train) Mama, want teen! Want teen, mama!" (if I could control the train, this part of the drive would be much happier)

We near her sitter's house. "Mamie Nanny ROOFF! Mamie Nanny ROOFF!" (Tammy, Nanny, Ruth - her care providers)

Every single morning, this is our car ride. Often with the sounds of VeggieTales in the CD player, so random singing along is interspersed between exclamations. Every. Single. Morning.

But, I love how excited she gets at such simple things. She gets great pleasure out of our morning drive - a drive that I used to find impossibly boring. Once we get out of town, it's just farmland and houses, a few subdivisions of McMansions here and there. But to her, it's a fifteen minute variety show every single day.


  1. Priceless post, Christine. Keep this to reread when she gets older.

  2. What a great post- and a great reminder to each of us to see the world through those of an excited child!!!! Oh that we never just take everything for granted.

  3. Wonderful! You captured her voice so well. =D