Monday, October 3, 2011

Writing break

Instead of using the website I've used for the other writing break posts, I'm using my Writer's Toolbox. I'll pull a first-line stick randomly and write  until I run out of ideas. Enjoy!

After only two months, Helen decided to become an exotic dancer She had been waitressing at the bar since April, and was barely making enough to pay her rent, much less tuition. She saw how much the dancers were taking home each night - what she brought home in a week. It was the end of June; classes started in six weeks. Going home was not an option. Her father made that clear when she told him she wanted to be an environmental lobbyist instead of working in the family's business. She understood his sacrifices, and was proud of the success he made of the company after inheriting the nearly-bankrupt company from his short-sighted father. She just wanted something different. She wanted to make a difference.

Helen sighed, and finished adding up her tips. She said goodbye to the bartender who was wiping down the bar, and the busboy who was sweeping under the last of the tables to be vacated. Sometimes, the men will hang around, hoping to have a chance to talk to the dancers they fall in lust with during a three minute performance and want to spend the rest of their lives with. Otto, the owner, was smart when he made a separate, concealed exit for the dancers. The pathetic men never had a chance. There was a strict no touching, no talking policy between dancers and patrons, and Radimir, the giant Russian bouncer, enforced it very thoroughly. Helen had no fear of that aspect of the dancing job.

Otto had asked her when she was hired if she was interested in dancing, as she had the figure. She remembered her reaction: her face turned bright red and she was speechless, until she was finally able to get out a squeaky "no." Necessity is a mind-changer, though, and the pay increase is a huge draw. She sent Otto a text as she was leaving for the night. "Reconsidered dancing idea. Offer still open? Call me tomorrow." She hesitated for a second, then pressed send.

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