Thursday, October 13, 2011

Insert witty blog title here

I apologize for my blog silence this week. My husband and I both caught the sinus infection from Hades this week and it's kicking my butt. Especially since in grown-up world, life still goes on. Work, making dinner, cleaning up, taking care of dogs and cat and baby - nothing goes away just because I feel like my head is about to explode. So by the time I've come home and fed everyone, there isn't enough left in me to write anything.

On a positive note, today was Emma's neurologist appointment. Her CT scan was normal, the tests he did in the office were normal, and she officially has basic, classic migraines. Nothing more serious or unusual. And the best part - he gave her a migraine-specific medication to try so she'll finally have some relief! The hardest part has been watching her suffer, knowing there was nothing I could do to take her pain away. She has samples now, but if it works next time she has a migraine, he'll give her a full prescription. I'm so relieved.

This weekend will be a big milestone - Sophie's first overnight with her grandparents (and big sister). Emma is very excited, planning out everything. I'm.... nervous. Not because I don't think she'll be fine, but it's her first time away! I wonder how she'll handle it. I wonder how I'll handle it! Although it will be easier since we'll be busy. House painting during the day, date night at night. Next week is our anniversary so we're going out while the girls are away. We haven't had a date night in ages!


  1. Hope you feel better. Glad Emma's tests were negative and that she has a new treatment plan. Best of luck and prayers for her. Hope Sophie has an amazing overnight, as I'm sure she will. Hugs!

  2. Thanks Tia!
    Emma called about an hour ago, Sophie was having a hard time going to sleep but seemed to be doing okay. It helps that her big sister is with her :) We had a great night out, our first since she was born. Finally feeling human again, too!