Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tattoo Barbie - this is a bad influence...why?

There is a new Barbie on the market for collectors. Of course, even though this is a $50 doll and NOT marketed to children at all, it is the center of a controversy because it's "inappropriate" for children. Never mind that the website that sells it says "For adult collectors only" and it is not available from Mattel or any toy retailer - it says Barbie so it must be for little girls, right?

But what is so inappropriate? Here are things I've seen argued: pink hair, revealing clothes, and tattoos.
So what if she has pink hair? She is not the first Barbie with colored hair. I remember seeing them with blue or pink hair when I was a little girl. And guess what - some women dye their hair pink. So what? And as for her clothes - give me a break. A shoulder is showing. That is NOT revealing. she is completely covered otherwise. On the other hand, here is a set of Barbie clothes available right now at Toys R Us (a store that strongly markets to children):
Mini skirts. Halter tops. Low-cut necklines. Perfectly fine, but the Tokidoki Barbie is "too revealing." Right.

And finally, the tattoos. How in the world is this inappropriate? It's not like she has "F*** You" tattooed on her neck and shoulder, or anything obscene. She has the brand logo, some flowers, and a beautiful dragon on her back.
There is nothing "inappropriate" about this. Lots of strong, smart, successful, capable women have tattoos. Many of them are amazing women who are great role models for daughters. The fact that someone chooses this form of self-expression has nothing to do with inappropriateness.

Just for fun, here are some other "appropriate" Barbie clothes, also from Toys R Us.

So, makeup Barbie and hair extensions Barbie are okay, black bustiers and tiny dresses are okay, but not pink hair and a mostly-covered tattoo? Give me a break. If the doll wasn't sold out (and didn't cost $50!) the Tokidoki doll would be my daughter's first Barbie.


  1. I am with you; what is wrong with these people. Seems everyone want to be so righteous these days. from Ultimate Blog...

  2. Some people just need something to complain about.

  3. Barbie is a grown woman, so if she wants tattoos... all power to her. I'm not concerned that my daughters will want tattoos just because Barbie has them. If so, they'll want to have unrealistic bodies and wear skimpy clothes, too.

    I'm so glad to see someone coming at this with a level head. It seems silly. Don't we have bigger problems to deal with?