Thursday, October 20, 2011

Date night

Over the weekend, the girls went to their grandparents' house for Sophie's first sleepover, and my husband and I went out to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. We hadn't had a date night since Sophie was born! We ate dinner first since we were both hungry. We went to Wasabi, a Japanese restaurant. I had never been there before. I had teriyaki shrimp and scallops, and it was very good. After dinner we did a little shopping, and then went to our movie.

We watched The Big Year, with Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black. We had seen one commercial for the movie, and couldn't even remember what it was about. But, it had a great cast and didn't look like an annoyingly stupid movie, like many Owen Wilson or Jack Black movies can be. It is about three avid bird watchers trying to complete the American Birding Association's Big Year. The three men are in different stages in their lives. Jack Black's character is in his 30s, living with his parents and working in a job he hates after a divorce. Owen Wilson is on a third marriage, planning a baby with his wife, and the current record-holder of birds found during a Big Year. Steve Martin's character is retiring from the large corporation he started as a young man, leaving it a success but hounded by his underlings (for lack of a better word) to stay on longer. He and his wife have built a house in the mountians, and are leaving NYC for Colorado. He also recieves big news at the beginning of the movie.

We both enjoyed the movie. The scenery was amazing, and even though you'd never think a story about watching birds would be entertaining, it really was! It's about so much more than birds, though. Definitely worth watching.

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  1. Ah... date night. Glad you had a nice one and enjoyed a good movie. I love Steve Martin and begged my boyfriend (now husband) to take me to see My Blue Heaven. One of SM's rare stinkers. Still nabbed the boy, though. ;-)