Monday, October 10, 2011

Just another random Monday

Did you realize today is a holiday? I had forgotten until I tried to go to the bank. Closed. Em is on Fall Break, so she was out of school regardless. I'm working today, my husband is working today, so I just forgot! Bet I'll still check the mail when I get home today. I do every time.

I don't have a lot to write about today, but I didn't post all weekend and I have all this energy for some reason. The double mocha cappuccino I just had maybe? (Sugar free, only 50 calories!) I just want to write SOMETHING. I really feel like working on my shelved NaNoWriMo project - I'm finally getting more of the story in my head. I was stuck for a while. I'm afraid it will have to stay shelved for a while, though, at least until Sophie is a bit older and less attached. Not that I'm looking forward to those days; I know I will miss it when she's grown, especially knowing that she is our last baby, but it really makes it hard to get things done sometimes!

I did get started on a project this weekend that I've been dying to work on. I can't say what it is yet, since it will be a Christmas present and the recipient just might read this, but I've had fun planning it. I was so excited to get the base coat of paint done so I can do the decorating. Even if I did get a cut on my fingertip - ouch!

Thursday is neurologist day for Emma. I just hope we get some answers! Although at this point, I don't have much hope for that. As long as we can find some relief for her pain when she DOES get the headaches, I'll be happy. And we're seeing a doctor in a practice we're familiar with. One of his partners was Sophie's neurologist when she was a newborn, and I met this new doctor during that stay, also. He was very nice, sat in the room and chatted with me for a few minutes. I know he won't remember since that was 20 months ago, and I don't actually remember what he looked like. Guess I'll find out soon!

And the most random thought for today - I found a bottle of bubbles in my purse, one of the tiny party-favor size bottles. I'm sure I put it there at some point to entertain Sophie and forgot about it. But what a random thing to find!


  1. I too have to work today... I will also still check for the mail today too.

    I'm also playing catch up as I didn't blog this weekend too (well did that quick one last night...)! I thought about blogging while by the campfire Friday/Saturday night but decided to eat s'mores instead!

    We have lots in common this Monday!

  2. I read about your s'mores - so jealous! Those sounded amazing :) I have no excuse for not blogging over the weekend other than laziness. I didn't do much at all over the weekend and it was nice. We needed a rest like that.

  3. Oh just wait... I'm proofing my blog about this weekend... I made spicy s'mores from lindt's chili choclate. OMG... nom nom nom...

    I lots of yummy not good for you food this weekend :)

  4. I had to work today, too - but I took the afternoon off. Have to do something that will be a lot easier if the weather is nice and warm - which it is. But instead of doing what I need to do, here I am online. Busted! I am getting off now and doing that chore!
    (I used to love to blow bubbles for my son -who is an adult now. Maybe I should get some, just to amuse myself...)

  5. Today was surreal. I only noticed when I went to the mailbox and tried to call the State of Maryland about my Sales and Use Tax return. ARGH!

    Sending well wishes and prayers for Emma!

  6. Do keep us updated in regards to Emma- I am praying you will get some answers or some solutions!