Thursday, October 20, 2011


I feel like I've been on an unplanned blogging hiatus! (Hopefully there is still someone out there reading...) I got over the "sinus infection from Hades" in time for my mother to have surgery, then stay in the hospital an extra day, and then have Emma stay at home with another migraine. Although luckily the medication from the neurologist did ease the pain. I am so happy that she gets relief now, no more laying in bed for two days suffering.

I did start a post over the weekend, but our router or something wasn't working properly so I couldn't finish it. Thank goodness for auto-saving! I'll finish it and get it published soon.

I did find out this week that Sophie makes an excellent hospital visitor. She had so much fun running all over the surgery waiting room, and playing with her Papa. She even made a friend with a little boy visiting his grandfather. Even though we were at the hospital from 9:30 that morning until 6 in the evening, she didn't get fussy or cranky or anything. She did, however, sleep all the way home. Since mom stayed in the hospital an extra night, after work yesterday I picked up the girls and brought them both for a visit. We ate dinner in my mom's room with her, and both girls were glad to see her. Her pain medication was wearing off, though, and she was tired, so we went home after eating. Today she gets to go home.

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