Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cooking with Pinterest

I've been using Pinterest to help with meal planning. I also have found some fun things to try.
Today, I made homemade fruit snacks, using this recipe.

I used grape juice like the recipe suggested, and found a tiny-candies mold at Hobby Lobby.  I wasn't sure how many gummies 1/3 cup of juice would make, but it was more than I expected. I filled 48 of the spaces.
They cooled quicker than I expected, and came out very easily. I put them in a ziploc bag for storage, and the girls and I each sampled them. Emma liked them, Sophie... not so much. I thought they were ok, but they don't have a strong flavor. They're not bad, though.

For lunch today, I made this:
...with a variation. Instead of mixing salsa with the meat, I seasoned it with taco seasoning as if I was making regular tacos. I also used Target's store brand of biscuits, and they did fine. These turned out deliciously! A great weekend lunch.

For dinner later this week, I'm making this

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  1. Looks yummy! I love all the fresh ideas I'm getting from Pinterest!