Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I've finally found the sleepless mom stage with Sophie

On Sunday, we took down Sophie's crib and put together her toddler bed. She was very excited and loves her Big Girl Bed. However, she's not a fan of sleeping any more.

First she climbed in and covered up.

Then, she started tucking in all her toys!
She wouldn't nap in it that first day. Poor girl could barely keep her eyes open, and just when she was about to drift off she'd jump up and start bouncing with glee. Thank you, Big Sister, for teaching Sophie how to jump on the bed.  Finally I gave up.

Bedtime, night 1: Bath, teeth brushing, medicine, cuddles, and then to bed for story time. Apparently, also known as an hour of bed-jumping, kissing and hugging Mommy, kicking, feet on the wall, and apparating out of bed the second my back was turned and grabbing some toys. After an hour of this, I finally took her out to the couch and snuggled with her until she fell asleep. Up at 2:30, and slept with us the rest of the night.

Bedtime, night 2: Same as above, without the kisses and I didn't give in to the couch. We stayed in her room. Again, up at 2:30.

Bedtime, night 3: Same as night 2, except I brought her crib soother back into her room and put it on the side rail of her bed. Down to 55 minutes this time! At 12:30 she fell out of bed, and I found her sitting on her floor confused-crying. I put her back in bed and she was asleep quickly. Then up at 3:30 and slept with us again.

We'll see what happens tonight. She's making slow progress! I know it will take some time for her to get used to the toddler bed, but I hope she does quickly! She was the good sleeper as a baby and still sleeps late on weekends. Thank goodness, because we both need to catch up!


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  1. She's just so darned cute! But, I do hope you all find a nice, natural sleep pattern that works for everyone. ;-)