Sunday, October 2, 2011

Current favorite book for babies

While we were downtown Saturday, I took Sophie to the library for her first (non-infant) visit. She loved sitting on the bean bags or at the tables and looking at all the books! We checked out two to bring home, and one I just love.
I was reading this book to Sophie, and love how inclusive it is! There are babies of every size, shape, and race. There are babies eating from bottles and breastfeeding. There are babies in strollers, wagons, and slings. There are babies with a mommy and daddy, babies with two mommies, and babies with two daddies. There are babies with multiracial families. There are babies being cared for by parents and grandparents.

The only message of this book is that babies are loved, no matter what they look like or what kind of family they have. It's a beautiful message.

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