Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 15 - I've given up trying to give it up

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

I choose the something because the someone will just be getting annoyingly redundant.
So, here are things I know I can't live without, and yes - I have tried.

Caffeine. Coffee, tea, soft drinks- all of it. I just cannot give it up! I did seriously try, once, and lasted several weeks, maybe even a couple months. It took a while for the headache to go away, but it eventually did. I carried a reusable water bottle and refilled it constantly. All day long I drank water. It was probably the best thing for me and I'm thinking of doing it again - sort of. My new goal is 2 servings of water for every 1 serving of caffinated drink. I think it's reasonable, right? Of course as I type this I have a Dr Pepper Throwback on my desk that I am sipping from (have you tried the throwback version yet? It's made with real sugar instead of HFCS. It's goooood.). It's not even about the drug itself for me, though - it's the taste of the drinks themselves. I LOVE sweet tea, cherry flavoured soft drinks, and a delicious coffee treat. I am such a sucker for a Javacano that I drive way out of my way on my commute to get one. I'd still go there, though, even if I gave up coffee forever (not that I ever intend to!) because you can't beat the people, the whole atmosphere, and the delicious baked goodies.  Anyway, caffiene is here to stay. And I like it.

Internet. Ok, why would anyone ever want to give this up? I admit, I did consider it for a fleeting second when we changed providers and were without internet service for an entire weekend. Emma had a school project due soon and had no idea how to research material without going online. Seriously- apparently middle school doesn't teach how to look up information from sources without http:// at the beginning. But that didn't last long. I was soon missing the net myself because I couldn't remember the exact way to cite sources (WHY does that have to be so freaking complicated and precise?!) and had no idea where my "Rules for Writers" copy from college ended up. Thanks to the internet, though, I now have a connection to long distance friends and relatives, an instant and free way to communicate with oversees family, and so much more! News, music, television, finance, social networking, job assistance... it's all there. Even on my phone.

Books. Ok, so I haven't actually tried going without books. I just can't. Even though I love the convenience of ebooks, you just can't beat being curled up in a chair with a great story, turning the pages with anticipation, peeking to the last chapter then chickening out and going back to your page. The feel of books, the smell of books, the look of them all lined up on the shelves (or scattered over the house, as the case may be...). And I bet no one is brave enough to take a Kindle into a bubble bath. Isn't that what bubble baths are for? Uninterrupted reading time?

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