Thursday, December 15, 2011

My grown-up Christmas wish list

Isn't there a sappy sentimental Christmas song with the same title asking for peace on Earth and goodwill for all? This isn't that kind of list.
(Yes, I would like peace on Earth, no more hunger, etc)

I'm already taking steps to get my biggest Christmas wish for several years now - my smile back. I have terrible teeth. They are soft, and break and get cavities and whatever no matter what I do. Brushing, flossing, Listerine, no chewy candy - doesn't matter. Combine that with a lack of dental insurance for a few years, and it compounded. Now I do have insurance, but the dentists don't want to do payment plans and I just haven't had an extra $20,000 to give up like that, you know? But Saturday I have a dentist appointment, and a plan :)

Now for the rest of my list:
8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I would simply adore this! Sophie's sleep schedule has been weird since our Thanksgiving trip and it's killing me! Last night was the first night I had her in bed before midnight. I never thought I'd be excited to put her to bed at 11:30. Progress! I still have to get up early for work, though, no matter how late she's up. SOME of us can't nap at the babysitter's house in the afternoons...

Ooh, that's another good idea for my wish list: an afternoon nap. I like the siesta idea - let's all take a nap from 2-4! We'd all be rested, and able to be so much more productive the other six hours at work that we could probably get even more done than before.

I want time to read. I tried taking a hot bath and reading a book a couple weeks ago. Sophie was so amazed to see me in the bathtub instead of showering, that she stood next to me with her elbows on the side of the tub and chattered the entire time. It really was precious, and I wish I had been able to capture that moment, but cameras just aren't possible in the most precious of times.

Now a few more, no explanations required:
Entitlement fairy to zap the entitlement out of my teenager
Housework fairy to help around the house - I'm drowning in clutter!
Translation fairy so we can understand Sophie's toddlerspeak better. I know she gets frustrated also.
Lots of love, laughter, and hope.

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