Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last minute everything! (and a book giveaway to check out!)

Today is Decembe 20. Christmas is in five days.
Five. Days.

I still have gifts for 4 people to buy. I'm finishing our Christmtas cards today. I still need to get stamps. Can you imagine the line at the post office? I think I'll skip the window, use the automated machine, and just put extra stamps on the international cards and pray they make it there. That works, right? Maybe Santa will pick them up mid-flight and deliver them for me.

Time just slips away so quickly! I still haven't taken the storae tubs back to our shed after decorating, and it's nearly time to bring them back in to refill. I didn't bother with a Christmas letter this year, although between Facebook and this blog, everyone should be pretty much up to date on our family.

Isn't this the most frantic week of the entire year for everyone?

Now, for the book.
Back when I participated in the WordCount blogathon in May, I met author-blogger Tia Bach. She and her mother, Angela Silverthorne, co-wrote the novel Depression Cookies. I have this book, and it's wonderful. It's written from both the mother and oldest daughter's viewpoints. I loved how both characters saw the same situation or event so differently, and several parts resonated with me both as a daughter and mother of a teenager. This book deserves to be on the best seller list (and I can't wait until the sequel is finished).
Anyway, another blogger is having a one-day only giveaway of a signed copy of Depression Cookies. You can find the link and details here, on the Depression Cookies blog. Please visit, and check out the book. You won't be sorry!
(Non-needed disclaimer: I am not involved in this giveaway an any way. I have not been asked or compensated for this, in fact I didn't even tell Tia beforehand that I was going to post this. I just think the book deserves a chance to be read by as many people as possible because I loved it so much!)

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  1. Thanks for the lovely shout-out for our novel. You made my day. What a lovely gift to receive during this beautiful season.

    It's so lovely to find people who make our lives richer. Thanks for being one of those people.

    Merry Christmas. I wish you many blessings in 2012!