Monday, December 5, 2011

Handmade with love

What was the first gift you ever made another person?

I don't remember what the first gift I ever made someone was, but I do remember the first "real" gift I made someone (not kids' crafts). Several years ago, I had stopped working to go back to school full-time to finish my degree. My husband was making enough to cover my income, and it seemed like the best time to do it. Then, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit. We are fortunate enough to not live in areas directly hit, but when your now only source of income is commission based in an industry affected by such things, let's just say suddenly money was very tight. I did go back to work part time until the end of the semester and full time again as soon as the semester ended, but that was a small Christmas. I made my mother's gift that year, a black scarf. It was my first time ever doing anything like that, and I was proud of that scarf! It took ages to finish, but I did it.

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  1. I believe my first homemade gift may have been a potholder for my Mom. I had one of those looms you use to weave potholders from cotton loops. I loved my loom, and I loved making potholders. If I could find one of those looms and the loops now, I would make a potholder for myself right now. I bet you had a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you completed that black scarf!