Friday, December 23, 2011

It's almost time!

I heard a new expression this morning. It's Christmas Adam! (Because Adam came before Eve... get it?) So happy Christmas Adam! I am so excited about Christmas this year. Today, if I can get away for lunch, is a cupcake tweet-up with friends. This evening, the girls and I are finishing up our Christmas shopping, and then tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We will open stockings, and (since I set it up this way) our Advent calendar activity tomorrow is to watch Polar Express in our PJs. Sophie and Daddy watched it last weekend, but she fell asleep on his legs so it will still be new to her.

Watching the movie

...and she's out!

I couldn't decide where to put our Christmas cards this year. Finally I had the idea of stringing ribbon across the linen closet and clipping the cards on it. It turned out great, except for the fact that the lowest row is within Sophie's reach. She likes the pictures of the other little ones her age :)

Our Advent activity Wednesday night was making s'mores. I found a link on Pinterest for indoor s'mores, using the oven, and they turned out deliciously! They were so easy to make, you just assemble the bottom graham cracker, chocolate, and a marshmallow on the baking sheet (or pizza pan, in this case) and put in a 400 degree oven until the marshmallow gets puffy and golden. Then take them out, top with the top cracker, and enjoy!

Emma arranged them in the shape of a robot. Best robot I've ever eaten!

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