Sunday, May 1, 2011

We did have a storm casualty, after all!

In my previous post about the storms Wednesday night, I wrote that we had no damage at our house. It turns out I was wrong. Thursday morning our power went out again. When it came back on, I heard a pop from the kitchen, like a light bulb blowing out. I went in to check, and all the lights were fine. I didn't think any more about it.

That evening, my husband came home from his trip. I had cooked dinner for myself and the girls earlier, but didn't notice anything wrong. When we were getting ready for bed, my husband had a glass of milk and commented that it seemed warmer than usual, but I figured it was because the glass had been sitting out for a few minutes (although no longer than usual and it's fine every other time). Then on Friday evening, he made it home from work before we did. He called to let me know that everything in our freezer and refrigerator were warm.

Oh joy.

After a dinner of delivered pizza and taking E to meet her grandparents to spend the night with them, I stopped at a grocery store for coolers and bags of ice, and we were able to save a few things. All the meats from the freezer were lost, and the little bit of milk we had left, but nothing irreplaceable. Saturday after calling three different places we finally got a repairman to come check it out (after also some calls back and forth with my father so we were pretty sure of what the problem was before he came). Thankfully, it was not the compressor, just a relay switch. The problem? Didn't have one in stock. So we are refrigeratorless until Tuesday.

After the repairman left, I found our larger coolers in the storage building and we went to the grocery store to get ice and non-perishables. Luckily I didn't stop at the grocery store on my way home from work Friday afternoon! The condiments, produce, cheeses, and butter that could be saved are in coolers, and we're only buying one gallon of milk at a time and enough food to cook that day only. We are lucky, though. It could have been VERY expensive instead of something minor.

On a happy note, though - or refrigerator and freezer haven't been this clean inside since we got it!


  1. Aw Man! Well, that's one way to clean a fridge.

  2. UGH! So sorry about your fridge and freezer. I would be SO upset if I lost ours, since I just did a major stockpiling run. But, like you, I would take it in stride, considering how bad it could have been. Your photos in a previous post were totally amazing. I've never seen hail like that before!

    I found you from The Mom Pledge blog hop and am glad I did! Will enjoy reading more of your adventures!