Saturday, May 7, 2011

How schools could use social media

(I found this topic idea here.)

How could schools use social media? I know how I would like my daughter's school to do it. Here is my vision:

Twitter: I would love it if the school used Twitter. Last  Monday, before the storms hit our area, schools were dismissed early to ensure the students made it home safely. Luckily I found out about an hour before the dismissal (just happened to be near a television tuned to a local news broadcast, not common during my workday). I got the phone call from the school telling of the early dismissal eight minutes before school was let out. Also tweetable: upcoming events (socials, sporting events, picture day, report card day), lunch menus, and important notices from teachers.

Facebook: all of the above. Facebook also allows for a better interaction with the parents, and is more widely accepted than Twitter. Pictures from events can be added, too. A Facebook profile could also include the links to Skyward (parent site with our kids' grades, attendance, assignments, etc), the county website, and other links we can have trouble finding in a hurry.

Yes, the school has a website, but it is often difficult to find what I'm looking for on it, and it isn't updated regularly. Social media would go a long way in helping the school keep up with our new, faster-paced world.


  1. The twitter idea is great for getting out a message fast- as you said, not everyone is near a television to hear of storms etc...but normally people have their cell phones or are online.

    Did you talk to your kids' school about these ideas?

  2. - but they do not interact with followers. They tweet, but they don't reply.

  3. This is a great idea! Happy Mother's Day and happy Blogathon!

  4. Anjuli, I haven't yet. I honestly thought about it as I was writing. I think I will pass it along to them, though.

    Cathy - I saw in one of either you or your husband's Tweets that Knox Co has a Twitter - that is great! We're in Loudon Co though :) (And thanks for commenting - I've been wanting to check out your website but couldn't find the link)