Friday, May 27, 2011


I have a confession to make.
Okay, several.
I've been carrying around some secrets, faking my way through some conversations. But now, I'm exposing myself.

  • I didn't watch Oprah. Last show, first show, any in between. I feel nothing now that her show's gone.
  • I am female and HATE Dirty Dancing.
  • Also no American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Bachelor/ette, or Biggest Loser
  • I looooove Big Brother, however.
  • Over the years, I've somehow given the impression (???) that I'm tech-savvy. Most of the time, though, I rely on my husband to do computer-technical stuff.
  • When we watch shows through Netflix on the Xbox, Emma operates it. 
  • I have a slight addiction problem - it's The Sims. First the original, then Sims 2, now Sims 3. I've also developed a fondness for Lego Harry Potter - but still need someone to turn the Xbox on for me. And then back off again.
  • I can't stand Dora the Explorer, but I see how Sophie responds to it in the pediatrician's waiting room and turned it on for her yesterday morning to buy myself a little more time for getting ready for work. (In less than 5 minutes she was done, though, and in her room playing. Yes!)
What about you? Any deep, dark secrets you're harboring? Share! Don't leave me all alone here!


  1. ha ha- loved this post...I'm trying to think of what secrets I may have...I'm sure I have some. I think I agreed with quite a few of your revelations.

    I don't like hiking- does that count? Living in the Northwest where EVERYONE seems to love it- I guess I'm a bit of a oddity...I TRY to like it- I love the outdoors though- I love going somewhere and just sitting in nature- I just don't like hiking to get there...a short slow walk would be great...but a long hard hike...sigh..okay you get the idea!

  2. LOVE this. Will definitely resurrect this idea post-Blogathon! I hate running. I run, yet I hate running. I hate onions. If I bite into one, I will puke. And... wait, I have to save some for a future blog post!