Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 5 - Something you hope to do in your life

Yay, another fun one! I like how this series follows up a hard topic with a fun one. It is a good balance.
What do I hope to do in my life?

Graduate college.

It's hard to believe I still haven't. I went straight to college after high school, with a full scholarship. I worked hard to get that scholarship, also. The candidates had to be nominated by their school, then write an essay that seemed HUGE at the time, then a select few were brought in for an interview with a room full of people.

Freshman year was an amazing experience. It was so much fun, and a true growing experience for me. A lot happened that year. Then that summer I returned to the summer camp where I worked the year before, and met my husband. We were married over my Fall Break my sophomore year, and then near the end of the school year Emma was born.

After we moved and bought our house, I went from working part time and going to school full time to work full time and school part time. Then less and less as demands of work and family increased. I never fully stopped going, though.

A couple years ago I enrolled at another school (my fourth!) that has a great program for working adults. Classes meet two nights a week for 6 weeks. Students can get three classes in a semester, but one class at a time, one after the other. It's wonderful.

I completed two or three semesters, and could have had my degree in just two years. Then last summer, shortly before the summer term started, I had to have surgery on the wrist of my writing hand. I would be in an imobilizing brace for a few weeks, with a couple more weeks healing on top of that. In short, the entire class term I would be unable to write or take notes, which puts a kink in school plans. Then the week I had the surgery, we found out Sophie was on the way. Suddenly the tuition money I would be spending had other priorities.

So, this is why I still have no four year degree, fourteen years after starting on the higher education journey. As of now, I hope to graduate before Emma does.

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