Monday, August 30, 2010

My hope

I almost wish I had a crystal ball, so I could see into the future of my daughters. I frequently wonder how their relationship will be when they are adults. Will they be close emotionally? Will they live near each other? Will they even get along?

Having no sibling myself, I am experiencing sisterhood through their eyes. Right now it's mutual adoration - Sophie isn't big enough to annoy Emma yet. Emma loves to entertain her baby sister and watches out for her. She is very protective. Sophie adores Emma. She lights up when she sees her big sister and follows her every move with her eyes. They have their special games they play together, and sometimes Sophie would just rather cuddle with her sister than Mommy or Daddy.

They won't have the traditional sibling relationship with their age difference, so I'm not worried about fights over clothes, shoes, CDs, boys... I am sure I will hear several "Mom, she's in my room AGAIN"s and "Mommy, she won't play with me!"s. That is to be expected.  I just hope there are no major, life-changing blowups that affect their relationship. They will always need each other.

I said I almost wish for a crystal ball - in reality, I'd be so afraid to see the future. I'd be crushed if they didn't get along, or were distant (not geographically, but emotionally). I hope they raise families together, that their kids will have cousins around  to play with regularly, big family holidays, all things I didn't have but look wonderful.

In short, I hope they always simply adore each other.

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