Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 9 - Drifting away

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted

I can easily think of one person for this entry. We met in elementary school and quickly became friends, as did our parents. We were inseperable - all of us. Our parents would do things together, once even taking a weekend trip together and leaving the two of us at home together. That was fun! We were friends through the end of high school and college. I was in her wedding; a year later she was in mine. Our first children were born 5 weeks apart. First birthday parties, second... then "life" started happening. We only live 30 minutes apart, if that. She worked during the week and off weekends, I worked weekends and off during the week. Her son played sports and my daughter was in gymnastics - even harder to schedule time together. We finally saw each other at the funeral of a friend, after her second son was born. Not an opportune time to catch up, but we did what we could. The next time I saw her was a couple years later, when she brought her kids to visit my grandmother before she passed away. That day was so nice. I saw her again at my grandmother's funeral, almost three years ago. That was the last time.

She was my bestest friend, my sister.

I miss her.

On Twitter recently someone local I "follow" tweeted that she and her best friend ended their friendship over a stupid arguement a few years ago and she misses her friend and regrets the arguement. I replied that she should reach out with a call or email; it's never too late.

Maybe I should take my own advice.

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