Friday, August 20, 2010

When I saw the first post this week I thought, "That's a great idea! Too bad I can't in good consciousness copy it." Then I saw another... and a third. That's when I realized it's something "out there" for bloggers to use. And you know what? I could really use some help lately.  And I just might learn something about myself in the process. So here goes!

Day 1: Something you hate about yourself.

Ooh that's easy! My teeth. They are so soft, and so sensitive. No matter how much care I take with them, something always happens. They break so easily.

I also hate that somehow I have a VERY hard time being on time for things. I get up early, I set things out the night before, I do everything you are "supposed" to do but something always happens. It's annoying.

My size. I know that we are all beautiful, and it's the inside that matters, and all that jazz, but honestly, I miss my old body. I miss swimsuits and shorts and cute tops. I hate the parts that jiggle and bulge. I want them to just go away already!

Ok if I keep this up I'm going to end up with a bad day... Good thing tomorrow's post is something I love about myself!

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