Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 2 - Something I love about myself

This one will certainly make me FEEL better than Friday's post, but will it be easier or harder? Let's see...

I love my hair colour.

I love that I love to read.

I love that I'm easygoing... Really, sometimes it's better not to get so worked up over little things.

I have learned that I'm strong. I love that about myself. It feels weird putting that out there, feels self-centered and  "uppity" somehow, but it's the truth. I've handled a lot and made it through in one piece.

I (mostly) love my height. I can reach things, I can find people, it's easy to describe myself when meeting someone in a public place (look for the tall redhead... simple, right?).

I love that I can talk to people easilly. It makes waiting in long lines, for the shuttle, for the elevator, whatever, go much faster.

It was smart to have this post be the one AFTER "something you hate about yourself." We need to build ourselves back up after tearing ourselves down.

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