Thursday, April 5, 2012

I concede.

I've been in denial for years.

At least since I was 13 and started wearing contact lenses, I've denied this. The eye doctor was mistaken.

My regular doctor as I got older was mistaken.

I do not have allergies. I've never had allergies.

I have no idea where both my daughters got it - they must have inherited it from my grandmother.

I. Do. Not. Have. Allergies.

But, every spring, my car turns yellow and I develop a mild cold. I cough, I sneeze, my nose runs.

So finally, at age 33, exactly 20 years after I first got contacts and my eye doctor said I had allergies because my contacts would get all goopy... I concede.

Apparently, I have allergies.

So now, I join Emma and Sophie in the nightly medication lineup.

I concede.


  1. I think it is much easier to be in denial and suffer in our 20's then it is once you pass that dreaded threshhold into the 30's. :)

    Glad to know you're getting the allergies taken down now!

  2. I fought the idea of allergies for so long, and only in the last couple of years did I give into Claritin. It's made a huge difference. My poor middle daughter starts weekly allergy shots next week, and although she's not happy with me, I think she will be later. But isn't that true about most of the parenting things we do?! :-)

    Hope the medicine makes you all happy this spring!