Thursday, April 26, 2012

All-encompassing catch-up post

This week has been a busy one. I posted Monday about my car being in the repair shop, and on Tuesday ended up getting a new one! I'm very happy with my new car. It's bigger than any I've ever had, but isn't to "mom"ish (I think... I hope). My old car was fixable, but had nearly 220,000 miles on it and much more needing repair than the immediate problem over the weekend. While we had the opportunity and this car was at such a good price, we test drove it Monday afternoon and I picked it up after work on Tuesday. It is so much nicer than my old one! Emma has been exploring all the features and loves that there are so many extra outlets throughout the car.
If I'm in denial about mom-ish, please leave me to my delusion.
I also don't have much to report for Fit Mama Club. I haven't remembered to weigh myself yet this week so I don't know if I've made any progress. I've been staying off the elevators, though, and using the stairs at work. Last week I did have one soda, and decided to allow myself one a week. It's funny, though, that after I made that decision I haven't wanted it at all. Today in the cafeteria, even, I looked at the bottled drinks case and realized I didn't want to drink anything in it. I'm still filling my water bottle and using my Mio flavorings. I do have a glass of iced tea at lunch sometimes, but that's it.

Sophie was a funny bunny this morning. She woke up all full of mischief and giggles. She fed the dog part of her breakfast, then came running into where I was saying "Mommy, Tutto my eat!" (Tutto is Tucker, our dog, and she calls all food "eat") I asked her if Tucker ate her waffle. "Yeah!" Then, "Did you give it to him?" She clasped her hands in front of her, turned her head down, and looked up at me, "uh-huh." At least she was honest about it! Then on the way to her babysitter's house after dropping Emma off at school, I heard her making funny noises in the back seat. She had taken off her sandals and was tickling her own feet! She'd tickle, making a silly noise like an adult would do to a baby, then kick and laugh. And repeat. It was hilarious.


  1. Congrats on the new wheels; my car is going on 12 years old with 123K+ miles and I really want a new/different one. With only one kid at home anymore I no longer need to drive a minivan. Yours looks great!


  2. Congrats also - we "run our cars into the ground" but I think our record was about 170,000 miles. 220,000 miles- wow!