Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fit Mama Club update

So far, no loss on the scale, but two different people (only one was my husband!) commented that I look like I'm losing weight.

Goals so far:
No soda - I'm quite proud of how I'm doing! Except for one soda at the baseball game last week (that's all they had!) I haven't had any since April 1. Yesterday I was really wanting one, but I resisted. I was just so tired of water! I use Mio flavorings and that helps tremendously, but I just wanted that something more. I had some tea on my way to a meeting instead.

Taking the stairs - I'm doing this lots. Not 100%, but one unit I visit regularly is a secure floor and only accessible by the elevator. I take the stairs up to my floor every morning. I want to do this until it doesn't affect me any more. I noticed this morning that I'm not out of breath any more, but my knees and thighs still burn a little. Not as bad, though. I can definitely tell the difference.

Logging on My Fitness Pal - Ok, not so good here. I have slacked off here again.

I may not be seeing results on the scale yet, but I can tell the difference in how I feel. My stomach doesn't hurt as often. I don't feel winded as quickly when moving quickly. The rest will catch up.

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  1. Congratulations on making better choices that help you feel better!