Friday, March 16, 2012

Why does the U.S. hate women?

My friend Amanda of MommaSachs shared this picture on Facebook this morning. I told her immediately I was "stealing" it, but the more I thought about it, the angrier I became. I didn't want to simply share it on my page. I had something to say about it.

Lately in our nation, women can't win. This picture sums up the general attitude toward the entire gender perfectly. Women who don't sleep with men are insulted, both by the frustrated men and (sadly) by other women who DO sleep with men. Then, if a woman DOES choose to have sex, suddenly everyone from politicians in Washington to idiots on the radio like Rush Limbaugh want to be involved. (Yes, I know Limbaugh has fans out there, and I even used to listen to him many years ago and thought some things he said made sense. But anyone who claims that insurance companies covering birth control is equal to prostitution and says he is entitled to seeing videos of Ms Fluke having sex is an idiot. End of story.)

Then, what happens when said woman does get pregnant? If she dares keep the baby and becomes a single mother, she is often shunned by her family and friends, disparaged by the media as a "welfare mom" (even if she has never been on welfare in her life), and accused of having kids to get government money. That's not even going into the personal life changes that a baby brings! I love my children dearly, but it's a simple fact that when you have children, life as you knew it is over. It is a new and (I think) better life, but nothing is the same. Not everyone is ready for that change.

But what if she decides to abort? Oh, my goodness. The gloves of complete strangers REALLY come off then. She is labeled evil, a murderer. People treat her like she's just sleeping with random strangers on the street freely and having an abortion any time she might conceive. In truth, abortion is a huge decision made after a lot of thought, analyzing, and often tears and heartache. It's also incredibly expensive. She will always wonder "what if?" but hopefully she will be at peace with her decision. Some women never are.

My point is, though, that all these men making decisions and laws about our reproduction have no business being involved in it at all! I am so sick of politicians (on both sides, really) trying to decide what is best for me and my body and my life. Anyone other than myself, my husband, and my doctor should stay out of it.


  1. Such a tough issue, and so hard on women. I have three daughters. I want to teach them about their options and make them responsible for their decisions, but you are right... it seems like lately women can't win.

    But that being said... I HATE when men (politicians, radio hosts, etc) blab about abortion. They NEVER have to make that decision about their own body. Yes, they might be affected if a woman they get pregnant makes that decision, but they will never have a child growing in them. If they want to debate condoms, go right ahead. Debate them. But leave abortion for women to discuss. My two cents.

  2. And when I said they never have to make a decision about their own body, I was specifically referencing "in a pregnant/with child state."

  3. Damned if you do and damned if you don't!! Don't forget about the married woman on bc preventing pregnancy so her and her husband don't wind up blowing their budget by having a bazillion kids in daycare!!!

  4. I had *gasp* PERMANENT birth control done after Sophie was born. And my insurance covered 90% of the cost! They'd be all up in arms over that...

    The argument about taxpayers funding it kills me. The only people who "fund" the private insurance plans that the BC coverage bill referred to are people already on that plan! That's how insurance works. The Medicaid plans - the only tax funded ones out there - already covered birth control.

  5. Why is it that people who don't want the government in their lives don't mind sticking the government into other peoples' lives? I agree with you 100%, Christine.

  6. If women never achieve true equality, freedom from having both government and theology intruding on their biology, it will be because of the Catholic Church.