Friday, March 23, 2012

Versatile? Yes, I suppose that fits.

Earlier this week I received the Versatile Blogger award from Tia at Depression Cookies. (The book she and her mom coauthored is amazing. Read it. You can find it here.) Upon accepting this award, I have to list 7 random things about myself and nominate 7 other bloggers for the award.

My 7 things
1. I don't like "cute." I DO think my little one is cute, and my older one was cute for many years (now she's just beautiful - I don't think teens like to be referred to as cute). Some animals are cute. But I don't want pictures of puppies or kittens. Graphics of teddy bears and flowers irritate me, and this dog: 
Boo, the "cutest dog in the world"
does not evoke feelings of "cute" to me. Instead, I think "I bet that dog is so yappy and annoying!"
2. My iPod is on shuffle and just went from Jars of Clay to Cake to REM to Milos Karadaglic to No Doubt to Lady Gaga. There's some Tchaikovsky on there, and Florence and the Machine, and Beth Ditto, and Eminem. I like variety.
3. I'm meeting friends for dinner tonight who all live out of state and I am very excited.
4. I of course downloaded the newest Angry Birds game yesterday (that makes 4 now) but I don't know why. I always get frustrated and never finish one, much less get 3 stars in all levels.
5. Even though I'm super excited about tonight the insecure high school girl buried inside me is afraid they won't like me in real life (we've been internet friends for 2 years through a pregnancy/baby group)
6. I really hope it doesn't rain much tomorrow so I can mow the yard now that my husband has fixed our lawn mower.
7. If I get game or app requests on Facebook, I block the app. So if anyone out there is waiting for me to do anything to expand your farm/town/whatever the popular game is lately, too bad.

And now the fun part! I get to name seven other bloggers as winners!
1. Jennifer at A Bumbling Idiot (who will be at dinner tonight! Squee!)
2. Amanda at  MommaSachs
3. Joonluv630 at Love, Life, and a Baby
4. Anjuli at bhulbhulaiyan 
5. Judy at Life... Minute by Minute
6. Tara at
7. Glenneth at Let's Talk and Walk

These are all great blogs, and all different. I hope you will visit each one!

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  1. A much-deserved award. I always love popping by here. You write with love, wit, and cuteness. Ah, just kidding.

    Thanks so much for your shout-out of our book!