Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday randomness

This made me laugh out loud. Doctor Who + Big Bang Theory = awesomesauce
It's Tuesday. Is it just me, or are Tuesdays usually "blah" days for everyone? My husband left this morning for another trip, E was late for school, and it's rainy. Glee isn't on for another month, and I have no idea what is for dinner tonight. Yes, I realize it's only lunchtime, but still.

I downloaded a new game app for my phone over the weekend. Draw Something. When it works properly, it's lots of fun. Unfortunately, it is lacking a few features - like updating. I'll get notifications that someone has played their turn, but when I open the game... nothing. That is very frustrating. Also with the free version, I was very frustrated that the word choices to draw (you pick from three things to draw for your opponent to guess) were repeating frequently, or just made no sense. It wasn't the freedom from ads that enticed me to upgrade, it was the promise of "over 2000 words to draw!" that got me to tap that link. And for only 99 cents, why not? A surprise bonus was the gift of "coins" (you earn as you play) to allow me to add more colors to my drawing choices. I don't like that there is no chat feature like on the "with Friends" games, but that's okay. We work around it.

Pinterest is really making me impatient for the next season of Doctor Who to begin! And nostalgic for the Ninth Doctor. Thank goodness for Netflix instant! What they say is true - your first doctor is always your favorite.

Our weather this week is gorgeous, temperature wise. High sixties to high seventies all week long! I love these temperatures. Last night while dinner was cooking I went outside and raked the fall and winter's accumuation of leaves out of my flower bed. I also had a close look at my "experiment" - which potted plants survived the winter? This year I had no desire to bring them all into the house - we have nowhere to keep them, and I knew Sophie wouldn't stay out of them! My cactus is definitely gone, and two other plants I've had since I began college. One, the giant, we'll have to wait and see. The leaves are dead, but the branches are still strong and flexible. I'll just wait and see how it does. If it comes back, that is great. I'll have to cut it down quite a bit but it needs that already. If not, then I'm ok with that also. I'd been keeping these around more as an obligation anyway, since I'd had them so long. I did find that many of the bulbs I had are sprouting again!

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  1. oh sorry to hear your hubby is on another trip- that certainly can make my day blah even if it isn't Tuesday :0 Looks like you have kept yourself plenty busy though. (and I just read your other post- so I'm happy everything turned out okay in that department)