Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring dreaming

 Yesterday afternoon, the girls and I found some flowers while we were out and about. I planted my first-ever tulips! The color is so pretty. Emma chose a small pot of yellow violas and I planted those, also. We had a thunderstorm last night, and they survived! Both pots are looking great today.

This afternoon, I've been raking. We have so many trees in our front yard that I don't even bother raking in the fall - I'd never get anything else done! The leaves also protect my flowerbed and our little bit of fighting grass over the winter. However, this leaves a huge layer to rake up in the spring!

As I was raking, I was dreaming. I'd love to take a week of vacation time from work and spend it doing nothing but yard work. Raking, trimming, mowing, planting, painting, staining, landscaping, and making our yard look great. I hate "gardening" - the weeding, planting, and picking of vegetables, but I adore "yard work" - all the stuff previously mentioned.

I'm sure this year will be like the past two, though. I'll try raking, mowing, whatever in the evenings, between work and dinner and bathtime and bedtime for little one. By the time I get the basics done, before I can do the beautification, it will be autumn again and the cycle will begin all over again.

It sure is nice to dream, though.

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  1. Your spring is much further than ours in Finland. We still have our garden covered with snow. But it's +5 C during the days so it will melt away in a month or so. Looking forward to all the work in the garden :)