Thursday, March 1, 2012

My eldest daughter

Last week I posted about the difficult part of parenting. It's not all bad, though. In fact, my husband and I are blessed with an amazing older daughter. We are very lucky to have her. So this post is all about the good in her.

She is full of sass and spirit.
She is quick-witted and funny.
She is very adventurous. 
She is thoughtful.
She is creative.
She is talented.
She is intelligent.
She loves her family.
She is empathetic.
She is a great big sister.
She loves to play.
She looks out for Sophie and stands up for her.

I remember one Christmas when she was young, about six or seven years old. She had the usual pile of gifts under the tree, and mid-opening noticed that I only had two. She had given me a necklace that year, and my husband gave me a beautiful ring that I love dearly. I was very happy with my gifts, but she was concerned that I might feel bad not opening as many boxes as she did. So she started bringing me her own gifts to open. That's the kind of person she is.

She is finishing her middle school years this year, and preparing for high school. I was worried a couple years ago, but this year she's really taking ownership of her academics. She'll ask to stay after school during tutoring hours to finish a project, or to get extra help in a class. Even though she has a good grade in her algebra class, she is retaking it next year so that she will understand it better. She's in honors classes and I predict that will continue as she goes through school. She wants to be a journalist, and I know she will be a good one. She is fearless.


  1. She sounds amazing!! I got all teary eyed when I read how she wanted to 'share' her gifts with you when she saw you not getting as many as she had....OH HOW SWEET- and what a lovely heart. I'm sure she will make a great journalist- and she is sooo beautiful....I love to see young woman beautiful inside as well as outside- and indeed your daughter fits the bill.

  2. She is beautiful, inside and out (according to the photos and your description). What a blessing!