Sunday, March 18, 2012

The dinner dilemma

I've run into a problem I did not see coming. I'm not sure how to solve it, either.

Emma was not a picky eater. As long as I didn't give her nuts or pickles, she was fine. Sophie has always been a good eater, too. There wasn't much she wouldn't eat, from the baby food stage into toddlerhood.

Until now.

Sophie would happily live off of meat and fruit if I let her. She is a good breakfast eater and likes everything we eat. For lunch she'll eat pretty good, too. But for dinner, here's where I'm having the problem.

She will eat most any meat. She loves chicken and pork chops. Tonight we had ham and she practically inhaled it. She likes all fruit. She likes corn. She loves spaghetti. Most dairy, too. I can't get her to eat vegetables any more, though! I've tried plain and with cheese, tiny bites or bigger pieces. She's even refusing former favorites of pumpkin with cottage cheese, and macaroni. I've been giving her fruit and vegetable juice blends to supplement but I know that's not enough.

I'll welcome any suggestions for toddler-friendly veggie ideas!

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  1. Maybe you could him them in stuff? Like spaghetti sauce? I think it's just a phase though. She'll get back to normal soon.

  2. Aren't a lot of the toddler juices now loaded with vegetables?? Nice way to "hide" them!