Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More "getting to know me" and a post-surgery update

I didn't realize quite how long this "Getting to know me" thing was when I started it, and now I'm very glad I decided to do a section a day!

Yesterday I had my back surgery. Monday afternoon I received a call from the hospital bumping up my surgery by half an hour to 4 pm. It was still almost 6 before I got to go back for my surgery; apparently the one in front of mine was longer than anticipated. I woke up in recovery at 9 pm, and was home by 11 last night. What a long day! It went well, with no complications thank goodness. The surgeon told my husband that the disc was even worse than he could tell from my MRI and that I was one tough lady - he couldn't believe I'd been working and walking and functioning semi-normally this whole time. Now I'm at home for the next two weeks recuperating. The numbness in my leg and foot have already gone, which is a big relief! It had actually gotten painful to walk on my left foot; the numbness made it feel like I was constantly stepping on a marble. I'll be so glad when the surgery site has healed and I can be back to normal again finally.

Now, for the fun stuff:

Who Would You Like To...

  • Hear From My "sisters" - but we keep in touch with Facebook and other social media .The distance makes normal communication difficult.
  • Never Hear From Again Oh, I'm sure there is someone, but I can't think of anyone at the moment.
  • Look Like My 18-year-old self
  • Be Like Myself
  • Meet The cast of Sherlock, David Tennant, Peter Capaldi, Nathan Fillion, John Barrowman
  • Get to Know Livia and Johanna Liv <3
  • Learn from / Study With I'm constantly learning from other people.
  • Impress Everyone! Haha. No really, I have no idea.
  • Teach My daughters

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  1. Oh to look like my 18 year old self again... :-)