Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting to know me - what was I doing then?

What were you doing

  • 1 hour ago General work-related stuff
  • 1 day ago Same as above :) Also, pre-op testing, final work preparations for my absence. 
  • 1 week ago Working, grocery shopping (I can't wait until I can shop alone again!), wrapping my head around the reality of my spine being operated on...
  • 1 month ago Likely laying in bed, recovering from a day at work. 
  • 1 year ago Thanks to Facebook, I can see exactly what I was doing a year ago! And it seems we're just days after the one year anniversary of my mom having a heart attack on an airplane, and the surgery afterward, while she and my dad were flying home from my aunt's funeral. This time last year was very emotional! Luckily, the plane hadn't yet taken off and my mom is still here <3
  • 5 years ago Five years ago we were expecting Sophie, and according to my Facebook timeline this day back then my regular jeans were getting tight, and I was still suffering from "morning" sickness. 
    Five years ago :)
  • 10 years ago Hmm, August 2004. Emma was six, and in first grade. I bet this is around the time I was bitten by the spider and found out I was allergic to them, since she hadn't been in school very long. Hard to believe she's a junior now! I worked at JC Penney, and it was the only time I've been summoned for Jury Duty. I was dismissed early, and went to a walk-in clinic to get my spider bite checked out.

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