Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting to know me part 3: "right now"

Right Now

  • Current mood Neutral - is that a mood? I'm fine. Not unhappy, not thrilled to be at work either (lunch break blogging FTW!) I could use a nap and an ice pack on my back, though.
  • Current music My iPod is on shuffle. Current song: 

  • Current taste The mint of my gum, to cover up the garlic of the hummus in the wrap I just ate for lunch.
  • Current hair Started out in a cute style, but didn't stay there (see day 1), so now it's in a bun.
  • Current clothes Purple sweater from Target, grey pants from JC Penney, necklace was my grandmother's. 
    I am too tall for selfies! And no idea what's in the box.
  • Current annoyance Back pain and paperwork
  • Current smell 
    It's amber vanilla or something like that.
  • Current longing Nap, big comfy chair and a good book, winning lottery ticket
  • Current desktop picture Factory preset, boring. Haven't taken time to change it yet.
  • Current fingernail color Naked. Nail polish doesn't last long on my fingers. Toenails are hot pink.
  • Current likes Books, tea, coffee, music, Netflix, happy people, compassionate people, laughter, good food, lipstick, art
  • Current dislikes Tomatoes, avocados, peppers, hatefulness, political arguing, internet news story commenters, mean people, small-mindedness, cutesy things
  • Current favorite article of clothing  Not a good photo of my favorite top, but here is the link to it. 
  • This is the only pic of me in this shirt! 
  • Current time you wake up in the morning Ugh. 6:30-7ish. The past couple mornings the dogs have woken me up between 4:30-5 though. Bad doggies! 
  • Current favorite word Seriously?

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