Thursday, January 26, 2012

Showing up

I haven't written much this week, I know. I just haven't been feeling inspired. I read a quote this morning, the only useful thing yet from a newsletter I didn't know I was signing up for right before I clicked the unsubscribe link - something along the lines of "don't wait for greatness to happen, just show up." So, this is me, showing up.

Hi there :)

I've spent a lot of time this week just being "mom." Em still hasn't been feeling 100% better, and to be honest I haven't been feeling well lately at all. In the evenings when I get home from work, there is dinner to be made, cleaning up to be done, and time to be spent with the girls. And, I miss my husband. I can function on my own - the garbage gets taken to the street for pickup, I (mostly) have gotten up on time to get Emma to school, the dogs are getting fed and watered and walked -but it's so much nicer to have him here in person. It's been fourteen years and we still enjoy each other's company. I like sitting with him, talking to him, watching a show with him, sleeping with his arm around me. I love when the girls play with him. I love their laughter together. I love when Sophie runs over to give him a hug and kiss goodnight. Yes, I can function, but functioning isn't being a family. His days at home are even more special now.

I started a new book on my Kindle on my lunch break today. Les Miserables. I actually have the paperback version of this book, but have found that long books like this are easier read on e-readers. It cuts down on the intimidation factor. I'm still in the beginning section, all about M. Myriel, but am really enjoying the book. It's easier to read than I thought it would be. Also, some of the lines are just timeless - they apply to our 21st century lives just as much as they applied to people in the 1800s. "M. Myriel had to undergo the fate of every newcomer in a little town, where there are many mouths which talk, and very few heads which think." Also, "True or false, that which is said of men often occupies as important a place in their lives, and above all in their destinies, as that which they do." M. Victor Hugo was a wise man.


  1. Thank you for showing up! :)

    I know exactly what you mean about being able to function without hubby- but that doesn't mean 'being a family'- so can relate to that.

    And indeed, those were wise quotes- love the book- it is has been so long since I read it, I should go back and read it again- your quotes made me want to reread it.

  2. Love the movie and play of Les Miserables. I also have the book BUT it is HUGE and have never spent the time to read it. Maybe after my challenge is all said and none I'll knock that off my book shelf!