Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's talk undies!

Ok, ladies. I know I'm not crazy. Someone else MUST do this, also. It is impossible to choose your undies for the day without first choosing your outfit for the day, am I right?

My husband thinks I'm nuts. I think he just doesn't get it. Women's lingerie isn't a one-kind-fits-all-outfits kind of thing! Some fabric clings and shows lines. Some are more see-through. And there are other factors to consider, also. Like, "If I wear this top, will the lace trim on this bra poke out?" or "Is this v-neck too low for this style bra cup?" And then the bottom half. Some pants and skirts ride lower and don't need higher undies. How many times have we gotten dressed, only to realize that something is showing that shouldn't be showing, and have to either change clothes or get undressed again to change our underthings?

My husband just doesn't understand - but men don't have these kinds of problems. Men's clothing is not really designed like women's clothing. They don't have to worry about which bra to wear with off the shoulder, one shoulder, or halter tops, or if their top has spaghetti straps, tank straps, cap sleeves, or no straps. And this is just everyday stuff - I'm not even talking about the "date night" lingerie!

Please reassure me I'm not crazy. It makes perfect sense in Girl Logic, right? Just like shopping math. Women get it.


  1. you are not crazy and you had me laughing soooo hard with this post!!! Just this morning I had to change my idea of which bra to wear because of the top I decided to wear!! ha ha!! It is good to know I'm not alone this is dilemma. :)

    Thanks for making me laugh- I certainly needed it today!!!!! Bless your heart!!!!!

  2. You are absolutely not crazy! Men will never understand women. I don't know why either, cuz we are so easy to figure out :)

  3. YES!!!!!! You hit the nail right on the head with this post. Right on the head.

  4. You totally nailed it Christine! I've actually had to buy bras just so I could wear certain things. And of course the color of your underwear is extremely important. Loved reading this. (And thanks so much for the link!) And those cartoons - hysterical! :)

  5. Exactly! Being pregnant right now, most of my "date night" underwear hasn't seen the light of day, but different undies go with different days, different outfits, different moods. And the bra thing for many times I put on a dark bra only to then decide I want to wear a lighter shirt, and then it's too late because I have no neutral colored bras available.