Welcome to Inspired Life! I am a mother, but this is not a "Mommyblog" by any means. Yes, I blog about my children (two girls, 12 years apart) but I also write as inspiration strikes me. Current events, women's issues, randomness, sometimes silliness.
Why the name Inspired Life? When I decided to move my writing to an independent blog from another website, I was searching for a name. I looked back on a recent post I had written and that phrase kept coming back to me. It reminds me daily of who I am and what inspires me. That tends to disappear in the daily life of work responsibilities, household responsibilities, and wife and mother responsibilities. With the reminder, I don't let responsibilities to myself get lost along the way.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looking back

In honor of Miss Sophie's second birthday, here is the story of her birth. Both girls wanted to make a distinct entrance, but taking opposite methods. Emma wouldn't come out for anything, and after having contractions on and off since early December, Sophie wanted out no matter what!

She's nothing if not determined.

Here is the link. I first published this on my Skirt! blog, but when I started this one I moved most of the posts over.


  1. Oh my goodness gracious... could she be any cuter?!?!?