Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been three weeks since our cat died and I still look in the spot where her food dish was for 12 years to see if she needs food.

Sophie will be two in 11 days. Two!! She's having a verbal explosion, learning new things so quickly, and really trying to dress herself. She is so proud when she accomplishes something, too.

I'm very happy my husband is home now. He was only gone two nights this week, and I think we did okay, but I much prefer having him at home. The next three weeks are going to be rough!

This morning I took Em to the doctor. She's had a stomach virus going around school, and didn't really need to see the doctor, but she was out of parent note days (only 5 sick days for an entire school year is INSANE, but that's another post). We had quite a shock when I called - Sophie's pediatrician (there are 2 in the practice and each girl ended up by chance seeing different ones) had a heart attack and passed away suddenly this week! She just saw him last week when she had an ear infection. Even though I know the staff was reeling (it was just two days ago) they were handling patients and the everyday business of running a pediatric practice very well. But it's true, you never can tell when something like this will happen!

Under "things I didn't know I'd have to say" - "Eyeliner is not lipstick!" Sophie found an eyeliner sample and put it on this week. Twice. Also, that stuff doesn't wash off very well with a washcloth! I had to put eye makeup remover on a Q-tip to get it off of her.

I've had VeggieTales songs stuck in my head all week long. Sophie is a new fan. It's so cute to watch her sing along, too!


  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your daughter's pediatrician! That's awful, and you're do never know when things like that will happen.

    Hope you have a good weekend - minus any more eyeliner incidents!

  2. Sorry about your cat . . . and your daughter's doctor. Life really is precious and such a gift. Hope the next few weeks go better for you and that your daughter gets better! Oh, and totally been there with the eyeliner thing!

  3. Oh sorry about the pediatrician- you are so right, you never know when things like this might happen. Hope that Em is feeling better soon- stomach virus' are not fun at all. Please tell us about the 5 day sick leave thing- that is ridiculous- HOW can someone only be sick for FIVE days out of a year??? I mean THINGS happen! right? crazy! Will look forward to your elaboration on this topic.

    In closing- sorry about your cat- always sad to lose a member of the family.

    1. In this school system, students can miss five days and have them excused by parent note. Even if it's "kid didn't feel like going" - they have five days. Anything beyond that must have a doctor's note to be excused (funerals are only exception, I learned that a few years ago). However, an illness that keeps the child out of school for three days, like a stomach virus, counts as three of those five absences. With Emma's migraine issue, she used up her days by October. The neurologist's office did fax a letter to the school saying migraine absences should fall under "doctor" category but as of yet that wasn't retroactive. Any further migraine days are covered, but past ones were not. This five-day policy is crazy, though. Kids are often too sick to go to school (they are sent home with a temp of 99! That's not even a fever!) but not sick enough to go to the doctor. Every cold or upset stomach does not need a doctor visit! Next year she'll be in high school, which is part of a different school system. We'll see how their policy is.