Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Noodles & Company - a review

Last Friday, I met a friend for dinner at Noodles & Company. I had been dying to try the restaurant, but for some reason hadn't ever made it in. I love pastas, so the name alone reeled me in.

I had looked at the menu online, and had my order narrowed down to two items, Japanese Pan Noodles or Indonesian Peanut Saute. I chose the Japanese Pan Noodles, and the "make it a trio" option of adding a protein (shrimp) and salad. The salad was very good, not too big, and had a delicious vinaigrette dressing. The main dish was good, but was too heavy on the sprouts for my taste.

The girl taking our orders was very friendly and helpful. We had separate orders, but she keyed them so we had only one order number and our food was brought out at the same time. The drinks were the usual fast-food setup where you serve your own. I had tea, and was happy that it was "real" (fresh-brewed) tea and not fountain-drink tea. The food came quickly, and was delicious. I had the small bowl, and with the salad was just the right size.

I will definitely be going back. There are many other dishes I want to try.


  1. I have yet to try them out and everyone I talk to LOVES that resturant. Hmmm..... looks like I'll have to swing by the Annapolis one on my lunch break soon.

  2. hmmm... I need to check and see if they have one of those in Washington State. Sounds great- thanks for the review.