Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday randomness

My three year old wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She has a play doctor kit, and I've had three checkups today. When she has checkups at the pediatrician, she absorbs everything that is done and replicates it with us in our checkups at home.

Candy Crush is the devil.

Big Brother makes me feel old this season.

Sophie loves Polly Pockets right now. Luckily my teenager had kept all her Pollies and gave them to her little sister. I had forgotten how impossible it is to put silicone pants on a tiny plastic doll.

We had a thunderstorm this evening and lost power for a little while. Sophie ran around the house saying "Oh my! Oh my!" quietly under her breath, trying the light switches over and over again. When power finally came on, she would go into different rooms, turn on the light, and exclaim "It works!" so excitedly.

Since it was dinner time, I'm glad it wasn't a long power outage. We were hungry! It was nice to have unplugged time, though. We played card games and board games. It was fun.

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