Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Am I becoming my mother?

A recent Daily Mail headline proclaimed that women start to become like their mothers at age 32.

I am 32.

Not that becoming like my mother is a bad thing! I love my mother and we've always had a great relationship. But is it inevitable? This article seems to think so.

Apparently, now that I'm 32, I will start using phrases like "Don't make a face like that or it will stick," worrying more, and watching soaps.

Ummm... Seriously?

Obviously these writers have never met me or my mother! (Well, obviously in the literal sense, but you know what I mean.)  Weird phrases? Nope. I remember my grandmother throwing out the occasional expression like that, but not my mother. Worrying? Well, ok... my mother is a bit of a worrier (I love you Mom but it's true!). I worry about the usual things - bills getting paid, is the sickness of a child just a simple cold or something that needs a pediatrician visit, things like that. Soaps? When I was a kid she watched some, and so I did with her and continued watching one for a while - but it's been years since either of us has viewed a soap. However, I have noticed that we both seem to favor HGTV during the day. Hmm....

Needless to say, this was not a scientific study by any means, but a poll of 1,000 people who admitted they started using phrases and picking up habits from their mothers at this age. I bet their mothers answered poll questions, too. Not to mention this completely ignores the influence of fathers! I think I'm a lot like both my parents.

And you know what? I'd be honored to be thought of as alike to either one of them.

Just a fun addition - this was in the same article: "Meanwhile, earlier this week it emerged that it is after 70 that we are likely to be at our happiest – as long as we enjoy good health, have sufficient income and are not lonely."
Can you say "Duh!" That's true at any age!

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