Sunday, March 27, 2011

Girl time

Today, my husband left on a business trip, so it's just me and the girls for a few days. We went to church, then grocery shopping, where we picked up a frozen pizza for lunch to enjoy while we watched a movie. It turned into movie day for us - far different than the day of housecleaning I had planned, but so much better!

We spent the afternoon snuggled on the couch, watching the movies, chatting, and laughing together. S has learned how to tickle and had such a good time practicing her new skill on her big sister! They played together quite a bit, too.  Now both are in bed and the house is quiet, but it's an air of happiness and contentment.

The girls miss their Daddy and I miss my husband, but I am thankful for the girl time. One day all too soon E will be all grown up, then S behind her. I am cherishing every bit of time I have with them.

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