Monday, March 28, 2011

Why is it so bad Bachelor Brad and Emily aren't married yet?

Disclaimer: I have never watched an episode of this show. However, I cannot escape coverage of it. Besides, the actual episodes have no bearing on this topic.

A week or so ago, whenever this season of The Bachelor ended, I saw an interview on a morning news program with Brad and Emily. (That is the only  names I know for them, no last names, so that is how I will refer to them.) A clip was shown from the last episode, the one where the host sits down with the couple to see how things stand now, a few months after the filming ended. Emily stated that she did love him and wanted to marry him, but not right now. She has a daughter to consider, the question of location (they live in different states), and her career to think about.

And she was booed.

Seriously, people?? For once, the couple on this show are acting in a mature and responsible manner, taking time to get to know each other without all the other women around, no producers, no cameras, just themselves and their families. They want to work out important things, issues that should be considered before a couple marries. In "real life" they would be applauded - and if they DID rush into marriage after only a few months, you KNOW people would judge and question them. No one would expect it to last.

Another disclaimer - yes, I know I was one of those who married quickly. I've made no secret that my husband and I were married four months after we met. However, I still think we are an exception, not the rule.

There are constant tabloid reports of them breaking up, arguing, "Trouble in Paradise" headlines - but really, why is everyone pushing them to get married NOW? Is it so all the Bachelor-watchers can have a new special episode to watch? Is our entertainment more important than a family's lives??

We (in general) need to get over ourselves, and stop thinking that other people exist purely for our entertainment. The season is over, let their 15 minutes run out, and let them get to know each other and decide for themselves how and when they want to progress.

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