Friday, February 8, 2013


In my inbox today was the latest email from Kind Over Matter. I love that site and her positive message. A post today was about self love. Not *that* kind of self love, but loving who you are and showing it. I've been down lately which leads to beating myself up over everything, so I think I need to try a little loving instead.

And I'm struggling. I left this open for an hour and still nothing. Everything I can think of I then talk myself out of. I'm organized at work (but my house makes me stabby). I mostly cook good food (but am in such a rut lately and totally messed up the pomegranate balsamic marinade earlier in the week). I used to like my hair, but even it's become nondescript. People can't even correctly tell what color it is when standing in front of me! And how can I look like both a blond and a brunette when I have red hair? When E was little I heard "Oh she looks just like you!" and now I get "Where do your girls get their red hair?" Really?

Anyway, it seems like my self-love muscle needs a bit of a workout. Maybe I need some homework.

Stay tuned.

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